Coat of Armor Grout Solutions

Coat of Armor Grout Solutions - Grout protector sealer no more grout stains

Coat of Armor Grout Solutions - Grout protector sealer no more grout stains

Coat of Armor Grout Solutions - Grout protector sealer no more grout stainsCoat of Armor Grout Solutions - Grout protector sealer no more grout stains

Coat of Armor Grout Solutions Product Descriptions: Tile grout color sealer


The Deep Cleaner/ Stripper

Our Deep Cleaner provided in the kit will deep clean your grout while opening the pores of the grout to allow the sealer to bond to it. It will kill mold and mildew on contact. Environmentally friendly and gentle enough to not interfere with the finish of your tile. Water based, bio-degradable.

This Deep Cleaner is concentrate and mixed using the ratio of 1oz. stripper to 8 oz. water. The Floor Stripper is only used before a grout sealer application, it will allow the pores to open up within the grout and deep clean the entire surface area including the tile. DO NOT use on tile grout after Sealer has been applied.

To Apply Deep Cleaner/Stripper

 It is applied to the floor or walls with a spray bottle or a mop leaving it sit for 2-3 minutes to emulsify dirt, soap build up and oils then scrub the grout and tile with a large scrub brush. Pick up the loose particles with a wet/dry vacuum or towel. The floor doesn't necessarily need to be dry, yet it could be damp.

*To properly install your sealant, It is very important to complete this cleaning process before your color sealant application. 

Grout Color Seal

 Our Color Seal is an Acrylic Resin that is MOLD, MILDEW and STAIN RESISTANT. A long lasting highly wear-resistant Color Sealer for grout. Ideal for changing or restoring grout color. It is a finish top coat that is applied directly to cleaned new or existing sanded and unsanded porous grout. The Color Sealer is an Acrylic Resin that has a chemical reaction with the grout that hardens in the pores. It dries to a “natural” look and feel and contains constant acting mildicides that provide a sanitary grout surface. It COLORS and SEALS in 1 bottle. Easily wipes off tile surface when applying. It dries in 20 min, sets in 2 hours and cures in 36 hours. 

  1. Our Color Seal can be applied to almost every area where there is grout. However, when color sealing the inside shower floor, it is recommended to remove existing grout then mix the Color Sealer with the new grout.  Adding a little bit of water to the solution, it should look similar to pancake batter. Mix it well.
  2. For missing grout, whether it’s on the walls or floors mix the Color Seal product with sanded or unsanded grout. Most times, the walls use unsanded grout and the floor requires sanded grout. This mixed solution will fill in the missing spots plus Color Seal the rest of the grout needed. Additionally, silicone around the shower base pans.

To apply Grout Color Seal

 Shake product well, clean the surface with our Deep Cleaner provided in the kit, lightly scrubbing the tile surface and grout stains with a large scrub brush, wipe dry. Then apply a small line of Color Seal to the grout lines lightly scrubbing it into the grout with the brush provided in the kit, wipe off excess from tile, baseboards, tub or any other surfaces. To remove any residue left on the tiles just spray with Windex and wipe away film. Maintain with a PH balanced cleaner and dry. Only 1 application needed

The Enhancer Sealer

Our Sealer/Finish is specially formulated to enhance the rich natural color of all hard surfaces exhibiting exceptional adhesion, leveling and gloss. It is a sealer and finisher all in one. MOLD, MILDEW and  STAIN RESISTANT .  

The Enhancer Sealer is used on all worn/dull hard surfaces without a top finish such as Slate, Ceramic, Terra Cotta, Terrazzo, Marble, Quarry and Concrete. Once applied, it gives off a rich natural look, enhancing the colors within the product leaving them looking vibrant, glossy and new. Do not use on surface under 60 degrees.

To Apply Enhancer Sealer

Strip all old finish or wax floor finish and let dry completely Use a damp mop, sponge, chamois or a paint brush to apply. Once it is dry just buff to a high polished luster. 



Keeping your floors looking great

Maintenance Cleaner: Is an all purpose PH cleaner that is a fast-acting concentrate that cleans anything and everything. Water based, bio-degradable.Available in 1 gallon bottles and is a concentrate. Mix 2 oz. per one gallon of water.Use to maintain the tile and grout. Once cleaning is complete towel dry grout lines. Enjoy the clean “Just Finished look” for many years.