Questions and Answers

Let us answer some frequently asked questions

  1. Where can I buy Coat Of Armor Grout Solutions products? It is only sold online or by phone 1-800-543-8021
  2. Is the color sealer hard to apply? No, anyone can apply our product from the average homeowner to the most experienced tile installer. We provide complete instructions how to apply our product. It is easy and simple to do.
  3. Do I need to put a separate clear sealer over the color sealer? No, the colorant and sealer are together in one bottle.
  4. Can you match my grout color? Yes we can match grout colors. We also have 10 standard colors to choose from or you can select a custom color of your choice.
  5. Can I change the color of my existing grout? Yes, you can change the color of your grout to give your tiled area a whole new look.
  6. Will it cover a dark grout and bring it back to a light or even white color? YES!
  7. What is the dry time? You can walk on it in 10 to 12 minutes, however it takes 36 hours to fully cure. Keep sealed areas dry for 36 hours to ensure best results.
  8. I have a large area to color seal does it have to be done in one day? No, you can color seal the area in sections when time allows you. The color will remain uniform. 
  9. How should I clean the grout once restored? Always use a PH Neutral/mild soap or green cleaner like COAT OF ARMOR Maintenance Cleaner. Never use a harsh chemical or any scrub brush on the grout lines, there will be no need to so because dirt or spills will not penetrate it and will easily wipe off as it does the fired tiles. Steam cleaners are another great way to clean your tile and grout, it will not harm our color sealer.
  10. How often do you have to reseal the grout after the first application? Depending on conditions, with proper maintenance, our color seal  can last indefinitely and no additional product would be needed.
  11. Why did my grout become so soiled in the first's only a few years old and I wash it often? Dirty mop water, soap build up, grease and oils as well as spills and pet stains absorb into the grout pores and remain. Acidic cleaners like vinegar and strong harsh cleaners will eat away at the grout dyes and cause discoloration as well.
  12. How long will it take to get my order? Standard colors are processed and shipped out within 2 days by USPS 2-3 Day Priority mail. Custom Colors can take up to 3 weeks and are also shipped by USPS 2-3 Day Priority mail.
  13. Is it safe for children and pets? Yes, It is safe for children and pets because it is non toxic and water based.
  14. Will it chip or peel like paint sealers? No, it is unlike any paint like sealers. It is an acrylic that absorbs and bonds into your grout. 
  15. Will it stain my tile if it gets on it? No, it will wipe right off your tile or any hard surface it may come in contact with when applying it.
  16. Does it work Epoxy grout? No, it only bonds to sanded and unsanded grout.                                                                                                                             Email us with your questions. sales@coatofarmorgroutsolutions.

Terms and Conditions

Return Policy, Custom colors are non refundable. Standard colors (unused) can be returned or exchanged within 30 days from purchase date. There is a 20% restocking fee to return or exchange. Shipping fees apply.